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Research is becoming increasingly important to the higher education sector as a way to improve reputational standing, attract students, and create new revenues.

Yet today’s research projects can also be highly complex, with more aggressive timescales and multiple participants spread across different geographies.

External funding from private or public sector organizations is becoming more widespread, creating new pressures for delivery, budgetary reporting, and regulatory compliance.

As a result, many institutions simply don’t have the processes, systems and commercial experience to manage research projects efficiently and effectively.

Explore how our SAP Cloud ERP Research Management solution can help you meet three key research management challenges:

Improving budget and cost control

Prevent scope creep and budget overspend – or underspend – through better visibility of financial and operational data across end-to-end processes.

Improving project governance and reporting

Get better control of pre- and post-award process flows, budgets, and expenses across departments so sponsors can see where their money is being spent.

Enhancing inter-departmental co-operation and collaboration

Connect every department with integrated, end-to-end process flows based on research best practices, cemented by a single, real-time source of truth.

Bring everyone together on a single platform with a common purpose

The SAP Cloud ERP Research Management solution from Flexso provides complete research management and finance and project management capabilities in a single integrated solution using the latest SAP digital technologies and based on research management best practices.

  • Delivered as a cloud solution with a high degree of standardization for rapid implementation and lower TCO
  • Includes automated, template-driven flexible workflows and easily personalized reporting
  • Provides a simple user experience to drive rapid adoption and higher productivity
  • Enables one real-time source of truth across the institution via embedded analytics, with centralized and department-specific views and the ability to drill down on all levels
  • Protected by SAP’s highest levels of governance and security

Select the package to suit your needs today and tomorrow

Flexso offers a choice of options for your SAP Cloud ERP Research Management solution, designed to fit your current needs and circumstances and future plans.

PACKAGE 1: CORE Fully integrated core finance, project and research management capabilities
PACKAGE 2: CORE+Fully integrated core finance, project and research management capabilities, plus a choice of additional applications to address specific requirements
PACKAGE 3: À LA CARTEA choice of core finance and project management processes, plus pre and post award solution extensions to address specific requirements

Run your research with greater efficiency and achieve better results

Having a fully integrated view of your finance, project, and research management processes can help you:

Control all resources, budgets and expenses more effectively

Bring central and decentral communities together with a common goal

Improve project governance, reporting and compliance

Accelerate returns on research investment

Enhance your institution’s research reputation

Scale your institution to handle larger revenue streams in future

Choose Flexso to deliver your SAP solutions

Flexso is an SAP Gold Partner, working with our customers to build solutions that pave the way for smooth digital transformation. We devote all our expertise and passion to our work, which means that your organization gets the most out of its SAP investments.

We have deep knowledge of both SAP technology and research management processes, and our blended team of dedicated research project analysts and digital developers will give you a head start in getting results fast. We work fit to standard: this means all functionalities are already present from day one to accelerate the implementation process and save money. From there, we can fine-tune the solution to suit your specific needs.

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